Trust in the Strength
of Our Backbone

Fision Fiber

Our Fiber Optic network is unique in the commercial market. We build, own, and operate our network end-to-end, which allows us to provide our customers with a dedicated connection directly to their door. This means, unlike other providers, we do not share bandwidth between customers, allowing you to enjoy higher bandwidth options and better quality service than any other technology available today.

How does our Fiber compare to other antiquated technologies?



Can it provide extensive bandwidth with speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second?
Can it transmit information using light leading to virtually zero signal loss?
Is it one of the most secure modes of data transfer available today?
Is it immune to environmental factors like wind, water, temperature, and electromagnetic interference?
Does it use significantly less power and resources to build and maintain, saving you money?
Is this technology future-proof and require no additional physical upgrades?
Can the speed and service features be adjusted almost instantly and remotely, as your business grows, with no need for additional construction?